Wednesday, 4 August 2010

You might not have seen...

Ghost Town (1988)

This little seen Western/Horror was the only film from the Australian Richard Governor. The plot involves the myterious disappearance of a local girl Kate (Cathrine Hickland) Local Sheriff Langley (Frank Luz) stumbles across the Ghost Town where the population has been blited with the curse of immortality! Strange thing is, sometimes you can see them and other times you cant? Anyway, it turns out Kate has been abducted by an evil cowboy called Devlin who has the idea Kate makes a pretty good missus (even though she dumped her last fella at the alter) as she reminds him of a women he bumped off 100 years previously. Confused yet? Deep breath, continue. Right, now the only way the curse of immortality can be lifted is if Devlin is slain by a lawman, Langley gets to play Sheriff to the town, shag a ghost and rescue Kate. I'm making this film sound decidedly awful, but for some strange reason it works. My first experience of this flick was a late night showing on the Horror Channel, I was tired, but the film kept my attention throughout, and I discovered to my surprise, that I owned the film on VHS.

I've watched it a couple of times since, and even though the plot holes get bigger everytime, the movie does have a charm and the lead actors are terrific value (for their Charles Band wages) I've read rumours since that the Director was canned in post production and the version out there is pretty much a work print, if this is the case, then Charles Band really did miss a trick, with a polish on the script and perhaps 10 minutes added to the running time (for character development) this could have been a real 80's classic. Now it seems to be relagated to the memories of those who watched it.

You Might Not Have Seen Rating : 3.5/5

UK VHS - Availible

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